Earned wage access: the most important payroll benefit in a post-Covid world

In the final instalment on earned wage access, we’re looking at how Covid changed our lives forever and how financial wellbeing will be crucial for employees everywhere as we emerge from the pandemic.

Why it's Important to Find Time for Deep Work

As we enter our fourth week of working from home, are you finding that you are more distracted than usual with the multitude of tech that has allowed us to operate in this way? Are you getting more messages, emails and conference call invites than you would normally? How much of your average week now is spent on low-value repetitive tasks like these and how much on high value tasks like creative thinking or problem solving?

14 April 2020

How to ensure your HR tech is secure

MHR's Chief Security Officer discusses the potential risks and advises on the security measures we should take to safeguard our HR data.

08 April 2020

Communicating with Furloughed Workers

The word ‘furlough’ did not previously exist in UK employment law.  Now, there is no escaping it.  Perhaps it even features in your dreams, as your brain tries to de-clutter and make sense of the transformed world around us.  But furloughing is not the stuff of nightmares:  furloughing workers could save your business.

08 April 2020

Employee Engagement For Remote Employees

While remote working offers us plenty of flexibility and autonomy, it also brings with it a feeling of disconnection from our colleagues and the organisation itself. Instilling a sense of community and togetherness is important wherever your people are based. It is also important that employees feel connected to the organization itself – its goals, mission, values, and news.

07 April 2020

Workplace Collaboration Tools: How Effective Are They?

Thanks to mobile technology, cloud sharing and instant messaging platforms, it has never been easier to collaborate. Which is good news for us as we are forced to work from home. But how effective are the tools at our disposal, and what can organisations do to improve collaboration among their remote teams?

07 April 2020

How to Cultivate Better Relationships When You’re Working Remotely

One of the many benefits of adopting check-ins is their ability to transform the relationship between managers and employees. In today’s environment it is vital that managers not only understand how their employees are performing, but how they are feeling.

07 April 2020

The True Value of Social Engagement

Whatever you think about social media, you can’t deny that it has transformed the way people connect, communicate, and share information. In a world where remote working has become the new norm, businesses should be using these tools to help employees to stay connect and engaged.

07 April 2020

Maintaining Data Protection Whilst Remote Working

Coronavirus has forced us to change where we work, but it may also provide the best opportunity for us to review our working practices.  We can benefit from finding more effective ways to collect and use the data we process for payroll and increase the automation and integration of processing timesheets into the payroll system.

07 April 2020


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