Monitoring and Privacy – striking the balance

MHR's DPO explains how you balance the right of the individual to privacy in the workplace against the very real concerns of an organisation in relation to theft, whether this be data, intellectual property or cash. Here she shares her tips for balancing employee privacy against necessary monitoring.

The importance of leading with compassion

Mark Carney, the retiring Governor of the Bank of England’s recent article in the Economist noted that the Covid-19 pandemic could cause a fundamental shift in how companies in the future will be judged based on how they treated people during the crisis. With the world in disarray there is a social duty to look after one another as we move forward.

10 June 2020

Could Covid-19 be a disaster for pay equality?

With huge publicity going to infection rates, the tragic number of deaths, the challenges for the NHS, and impact on the economy, it can be easy to forget or overlook that Covid-19 is having a disastrous effect on careers and working lives, particularly that of women.

08 June 2020

What do the top companies to work for have in common?

Guest blogger Katrin Kircheis looks at what all the top companies to work for have in common. Katrin highlights how these companies do not have the people perks because of their revenue, they have the revenue because of the way they treat their people

03 June 2020

Compassion at work

How does compassion at work link to productivity and profitability? And how can we be more compassionate at work? Guest blogger Katrin Kircheis talks us through the considerations...

28 May 2020

Connecting and Collaborating Effectively in a Remote Work World

Over two thirds of the global workforce have had to rapidly adapt to working remotely over the last few months. This has put not only enormous pressures on business as they have had to adopt a strategy which often takes a long time to implement, but also the impact on employees, many of whom have never worked outside of the conventional workplace before.

27 May 2020

Debunking The Multi-tasking Myth

Guest-blogger Erika shares her techniques for establishing a strong daily routine that encourages a one-task focus approach, makes room for distraction breaks, and prioritises your well-being.

26 May 2020

Mental Health At Work During Lockdown

26 May 2020

Mental Health: What can employers do to help?

When the whole coronavirus situation started looming, the last thing on our minds was mental health. Most of us were probably concerned about our own physical health and that of our loved ones or worrying about how this was going to impact our lives in terms of freedom of movement. Mental Health blogger, Emma Brooks, shares her thoughts on how Coronavirus is impacting out mental health this Mental Health Awareness Week.

18 May 2020


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