Monitoring and Privacy – striking the balance

MHR's DPO explains how you balance the right of the individual to privacy in the workplace against the very real concerns of an organisation in relation to theft, whether this be data, intellectual property or cash. Here she shares her tips for balancing employee privacy against necessary monitoring.

Steps to self-management

In Katrin's last blog she discusses why self-management is the new normal. Here she explains how you and your organisation can get there - something that may include a shift in mindset.

27 April 2020

A Practical Coaching Guide for your Development Toolkit

There are various coaching models out there that can be used as a framework. In this blog, one of MHR's HR consultants discusses a range of different skills and approaches needed in a manager's toolkit.

24 April 2020

Building Trust in the ‘New Normal’

Everyone is talking about the “new norm”. But we must be careful. The “new norm” will not look like this current one. This is a temporary emergency solution. The situation has forced us to change and hopefully grow. But it has also levelled the playing field in a unique and only temporary situation in which almost everybody is working together, from home.

21 April 2020

Self-management as the New Normal

Guest blogger and Learning & Performance Specialist, Katrin Kircheis explains what self-management in a company environment means and discusses how a restructuring of the way you work may be needed to navigate the 'new normal'.

17 April 2020

Professional Isolation: Remote But Not Forgotten

The world of social isolation has highlighted the dangers of professional isolation as we are forced to embrace the suddenly accelerated trend of remote working. Remote and at home working is nothing new. By the end of last year 40% of global companies were partially remote, an 140% increase in the last 15 years (Global Workforce Survey).

15 April 2020

Why it's Important to Find Time for Deep Work

As we enter our fourth week of working from home, are you finding that you are more distracted than usual with the multitude of tech that has allowed us to operate in this way? Are you getting more messages, emails and conference call invites than you would normally? How much of your average week now is spent on low-value repetitive tasks like these and how much on high value tasks like creative thinking or problem solving?

14 April 2020

How to ensure your HR tech is secure

MHR's Chief Security Officer discusses the potential risks and advises on the security measures we should take to safeguard our HR data.

08 April 2020

Communicating with Furloughed Workers

The word ‘furlough’ did not previously exist in UK employment law.  Now, there is no escaping it.  Perhaps it even features in your dreams, as your brain tries to de-clutter and make sense of the transformed world around us.  But furloughing is not the stuff of nightmares:  furloughing workers could save your business.

08 April 2020


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