The Future of Talent Management White Paper

Organisations are changing, and as structures within the workplace move from the traditional top-down, designed for control and alignment to more collaborative, flat structures with a borderless working environment, the role of automated technology will be crucial. Rapid business change, new specialised roles and intense competition mean organisations are striving for social tools to improve engagement, collaboration and continuous feedback. As the workplace changes to become borderless, the need to access information and to manage employees and applicants will increase.

Employees now expect the amazon experience, the individualisation of information to help support their decisions. They are taking ownership of their own succession planning and career development. Data driven decisions on talent will be the norm, not the exception.

Organisations will continue to look for tools which improve collaboration, continuous feedback and use employer brand to attract the best talent. With the transformation to a knowledge based economy, with increasing demands for innovation and adaptability, organisations will need to transform to an agile workforce, supporting and encouraging the dynamic capabilities of its people, cultivating a growth mind-set and adapting to change.

With the technological shift to support talent management, the focus for the managers can be having good conversations with their people. Having those good conversations on roles and career development sends a message that the employee has something to offer, is valued and has the potential to develop and evolve.


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