Employee Training and Development

The key to empowering your employees is to encourage their development, which in-turn helps organisational growth. Our needs-based training and development software helps HR departments, Managers and employees achieve this, using our configurable iTrent platform. Managers can oversee and approve training and development processes, while employees take ownership of their progression within one specialist solution. From booking to matching employee profiles to roles, our software offers the complete solution.

Software features

Our software has many features designed to simplify employee learning, training and development online. Each employee profile is automatically updated based on learning activity outcomes, and actions from online performance reviews feed directly into personal learning accounts, employee profiles and PDPs. Booking training and development is straightforward, with block booking and waiting list features to ensure ease of learning and resource management. Each booking is handled by our iTrent software, whether participants and training courses are internal or external.

Our system can also match role requirements against employee or applicant profiles, giving a graphical analysis or role suitability. Of course, our employee training and development software offers fully configurable learning evaluations, to sit alongside your other HR functions and processes.

Key software benefits

  • Employees take ownership of their personal training and development through a personal learning portal
  • Identify the right training and development opportunities for your employees to boost engagement and retention
  • Reduce administration costs by handling employee or Manager requests through self-service
  • Employees have a configurable and structured training and development plan, which acts as a path for successful career progression 

You can learn more about how your organisation can benefits from our employee training and development software by contacting an HR specialist.