Business Succession Planning

Refine how your organisation identifies and develops workforce talent with our succession planning software. Powered by our award-winning talent management platform – iTrent – our tools streamline succession management. Using visualised employee data to highlight high performers, you are able to spot internal people to fill leadership positions in your business. Not only does this help to retain valuable employees and keep their progression on-track, it also lets you plan for business prosperity in the future. A successful organisation is defined by its key people.

Software features

The mission of iTrent succession planning software is to help organisations identify key positions, talent pools of potential successors and readiness to succeed. It also assesses the risk of employees leaving the organisation and the reasons why this might happen.

As a team or HR Manager, you have the ability to rate employees’ performance then display succession information in a nine box grid. The grid allows you to place employees into the right categories, so that development plans can be tailored to suit. PDPs can also be created for aspiring role candidates, to ensure readiness for the next move.

Key software benefits

  • Manage risk by planning for the replacement of key employees
  • Build detailed profiles and action plans of valuable employees with succession potential, alongside employees at risk of leaving
  • Use key performance data and potential data to compare top talent against low performers
  • Inform wider workforce management by establishing a proactive – not reactive – approach to succession management
  • Identify skill development needs within your organisation  

Learn more about our succession planning solutions or request a free demonstration by contacting our talent management specialists.