Recruitment & Applicant Tracking

Recruiting the right talent is critical to organisational success, but effective recruitment management can be tricky in today's competitive environment. MHR's online recruitment software and outsourced services support your processes end-to-end, meaning you can successfully attract, track and hire the right talent. For seamless functionality, our solutions can be tailored to fit alongside your current HR system.

Online Recruitment

Our flexible online recruitment software creates that crucial link between HR and recruitment. Design configurable application forms and attach them to relevant recruitment campaigns, then post to multiple recruitment portals via our integration with Broadbean, in-line with your organisation’s branding and language preferences. Of course, our online recruitment systems are fully web-responsive, allowing applicants to easily apply for roles via mobile, desktop or tablet.

  • Reach a wider pool of applicants and find the best candidates
  • Professionally introduce applicants to your brand from the moment they enter your web portal
  • Adapt your recruitment management portal to meet business requirements

Applicant Tracking

To attract more candidates to apply for your roles, a user-friendly and smooth-running application process is essential. Our applicant tracking software provides the features and benefits your recruitment department needs, to offer a stand-out experience and insightful candidate data.

Comprehensive algorithmic shortlisting highlights candidates who directly match the qualifications and skills required for the role. The shortlisting process can be tailored using configurable lifecycles. Also, screening questions can be designed and attached to recruitment campaigns which add value by filtering out unsuitable candidates.

  • Tailor an applicant tracking solution to meet the recruitment needs of your organisation
  • Quickly identify and move top applicants through the recruitment lifecycle

Employee On-boarding

Once you have successful candidates, you can seamlessly transfer and track them - from application to employee record – automatically alerting the relevant people in your organisation. Workflow tasks can be used to alert payroll, security, training or IT functions of new starters, enabling a smooth introduction into your organisation.