Performance Review Management

Take control of employee performance reviews/appraisals and progress tracking with iTrent performance management software. Our configurable system is designed for seamless functionality, delivering valuable performance insights to Managers and providing clear feedback to employees. This gives your organisation the support it needs to align workforce performance with key business goals. In the long-run, a well-managed performance review process boosts engagement, retention and performance at an individual and team level.

Software features

Using the power of iTrent, our performance management software offers many valuable features. Available to both Managers and employees, you can manage and track performance reviews as part of a review lifecycle or independently. Learning needs are identified and recorded during performance reviews and fed directly into Personal Development Plans (PDPs). This enables clear progress tracking and line of sight.

The performance review forms themselves can have multiple owners, and objectives within them are configured at organisational, departmental and individual levels. To keep track of all performance reviews, simply access Employee Self-Service to view your individual performance lifecycle.

Key software benefits

  • As a Manager, you have up-to-date and actionable performance data at your fingertips to help with decision-making
  • As an employee, you get meaningful feedback on your progress
  • Workforce performance is aligned with organisation goals and priorities
  • Our performance management software is fully configurable to support business processes

Speak to an HR specialist for further details on how performance management software can help your organisation.