Talent Management Software

Effective talent management drives organisational success - the right people are recruited for the right jobs, top talent is retained through effective succession planning and rewards, development practices are therefore greatly improved and the workforce is firmly aligned with organisational objectives.

Our talent management software and service solutions will support in all areas of your talent strategy, ensuring you have an optimal workforce that actively contributes to overall business performance.

Employee Training & Development

Maintain a competitive edge and ensure compliance through the strategic training and development of your employees.

  • Demonstrate clear career pathways through employee profiling.
  • Allow employees to identify their individual learning needs with powerful match and gap analysis.
  • Enable employees to take ownership of their learning by allowing them to record and review their training history
  • Automatically generate employees’ learning requirements from performance reviews.
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Performance Management

Drive workforce effectiveness by aligning individual and departmental performance objectives with your organisational needs.

  • Performance lifecycles guide managers and employees through a defined performance review process.
  • Manage goals and objectives at a departmental and individual level to ensure strength of alignment, visibility and contribution to organisational goals.
  • Managers and employees can prioritise, record and maintain progress and actions through fully embedded workflows.
  • Employee performance life cycles can contain any number of stages and actions, relating to a specific position or multiple positions within the organisation.
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Recruitment & Employee Onboarding

With a streamlined recruitment software solution, you'll be able to attract and recruit and on-board the perfect candidates for your organisation with greater efficiency.

  • Reach a wide pool of applicants and remove the need for re-keying applicant data through web recruitment.
  • Screen, shortlist and invite candidates to interview quickly and easily through applicant processing.
  • Use match and gap analysis to easily compare candidates and help you select those with the right skills.
  • Electronically store all paper documents such as CVs, references and application forms, enabling quick access to information.
  • On-boarding candidates creates a unique record which can then be used throughout their employee lifecycle.
  • Our Recruitment supports full integration with Broadbean, giving access to the world's largest job board
  • Totally responsive design for web recruitment, allowing applications from mobile devices
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Succession Planning

Succession planning utilises key performance data to provide a pipeline of top talent with potential to fill those all-important leadership positions.

  • Personal profiling of individual employees helps identify development needs for succession.
  • Effective visual aids which include graphical role views, match and gap analysis and a nine box grid.
  • Utilising automated and targeted personal development plans ensures an individual’s readiness for a future position.
  • Key succession potential information is recorded against individual employees. Using this information it is possible to identify talent pools of potential successors to fill key business roles in the future.
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