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It’s only eleven minutes past nine and you have already had a reasonably busy morning. You’d love to catch up with your team but the office is flying past you so quickly you couldn’t even identify them in a line up unless you ran past it.

Despite this, your people perform really well as an independent group, but you know they’d perform even better if you could make use of more management skills (they got you this job, but haven’t done much else in recent memory)...

Everyone loves feeling trusted and like they’re doing a great job, but we all need a helping hand, and that’s the one down-side of your fast-paced, fire-fighting management system.

When you’re busy, you need to be able to trust your people to do their jobs and they appreciate not being treated like wayward teenagers (more common than you might think!) but when things get crazy, it would be nice if they had someone to step in and help them out.

This person is you. As it’s hard to spend every minute on call for your team, maybe it’s time to enlist the assistance of a pocket-sized digital assistant?

Workforce Management

Workforce Management Solutions that work hard so you don't have to

From perfecting rosters based on employee suitability, to analytically measuring your absences, iTrent can efficiently manage the whole workforce management process on one seamless platform.

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