We'll be honest, we didn't expect anyone to end up here.

There are thousands of articles about you on LinkedIn, and if you can spare a minute away from the golf course, we recommend you give our blog on bad managers a read, and specifically the section on how to improve!

You're going to need all the help you can get, so a good start will be looking at how workforce management solutions can at least do a better job than you (sorry bit harsh). 

There's a range of solutions available that will do all the planning, arranging and allocating for you - so at least your employees know where they should be. Plus they can easily book their holiday's using their annual, flexi-time or time in lieu (TOIL) balance. After all, they're going to need the break.   

Hey, why not check it out? 

Workforce Management

Workforce Management Solutions that work hard so you don't have to

From perfecting rosters based on employee suitability, to analytically measuring your absences, iTrent can efficiently manage the whole workforce management process on one seamless platform.

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