50/50 Manager

Of course you trust your employees! Unlike the micromanagers who created the dystopian office-spaces you grew up in (and out of) you participate by giving your people the nudge to think creatively about how they work and empowering them to make decisions for themselves, so they can flourish in their quest for personal growth.

Now I’m no gardener…but if you just let things grow, don’t they end up a great mess? That’s where you need to start landscaping.

Letting your team go out on their own is a great thing, but you’re there for a reason, so guiding their growth will mean a bonsai not a bush!

Basically, you can leave your team to do the work, but you should plan their workload, so they know what they are free to do and what they need to check.

You can check the efficiency of your Rostering through efficient Workforce Management, or use Absence Management to make sure you are never short of people when things get chaotic!

Landscape Management?! Perhaps that could catch on…

Workforce Management

Workforce Management Solutions that work hard so you don't have to

From perfecting rosters based on employee suitability, to analytically measuring your absences, iTrent can efficiently manage the whole workforce management process on one seamless platform.

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