Meet the demands of a modern-day business.

An effective and flexible approach to workforce management is key for a healthy organisation.

iTrent removes the administrative headaches associated with rostering, forecasting and attendance, ensuring that you always have the right number people in the right places.

With iTrent you can identify work tasks and manage employee schedules, ensuring trouble-free rostering across your workforce. You'll have access to accurate data through cost forecasting and predictive analysis of new work patterns, making budgeting and planning easy.

You can manage, record, and measure attendance, while streamlining and automating the related processes. You’ll gain powerful insights into absence and its causes, and analyse its true impact on your organisation.

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iTrent Workforce Management can:

  • Manage the whole HRM and workforce management process on one platform
  • Gain valuable insights into the impact and causes of absence – and come up with proactive solutions.
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual processes
  • Ensure compliance with workforce regulations and policies


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Capture time and attendance information across your workforce, eliminate manual timesheet administration, control workforce costs, and automate even the most complex pay rules and workforce policies.

You can even manage multiple job positions simultaneously for a single employee – ideal for environments where employees work in multiple positions, reporting to separate managers, within a single pay period.

Absence Management

iTrent allows you to record, monitor and control absence, providing a complete overview of the time your employees spend off work.

Access to powerful performance indicators and analytics helps you identify and prevent the common causes of absence.

iTrent automates the processes associated with absence, so you can achieve greater accuracy while cutting costs.

Talent Check-ins


The ability to schedule activities based on people’s work patterns, as well as their skills and availability, is key to getting the right balance for both employees and organisations.

iTrent speeds up the rostering process, helping managers to quickly plan and produce rosters, as well as manage staff resources in the most cost-effective way.

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