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"People don't leave companies - they leave managers."

Talent Check-ins can be used to bridge the relationship between managers and employees; making this bond stronger. 

iTrent Talent Check-ins functionality enables organisations to enhance their performance appraisal processes, making them more accessible and part of everyday working. 

Real time check-ins provide managers with clear insight into their employees' wellbeing and performance. Support or development opportunities can then be provided when they're needed, rather than waiting until their annual appraisal.

Regular check-ins stops larger issues from festering, allowing for immediate and regular feedback, promoting a culture of open communication.

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For everyone - anytime, anywhere...

For Employees

Schedule and request their own check-ins, empowering them to take control of their own development and providing a platform to have ongoing conversations about performance, job satisfaction and wellbeing.

For Employers

Engage your workforce and connect on pressing issues, develop stronger relationships and ensure that employees feel supported to achieve their goals.

Improving employee wellbeing will help to increase retention rates, reducing your recruitment costs.     

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Talent Check-ins

iTrent Talent Check-ins can also be used for:

  • Peer to peer feedback
  • Team Check-ins
  • One to one Check-ins

Talent Check-ins act as a 'framework' rather than a formal performance appraisal process allowing employees and managers to decide the frequency and format of conversations as and when they feel they are needed.

Check-ins can also be used as a team collaboration tool, providing a platform for effective communication and successful team working.

Performance Management in the 21st Century

Are you paying £2700* per employee each year to disengage them from your organisation?

Many organisations like Accenture and Adobe are realising that the annual performance appraisal process no longer fits their business model and is having a negative impact on employee engagement.

In the first of a series of articles, MHR’s Julie Lock looks at why we need to ditch annual appraisals, why they don’t work anymore, what damage they cause and offers advice and guidance on how to successfully manage performance.

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54% employees state their annual appraisals are 'pointless' or 'time-consuming' 

- YouGov research commissioned by MHR

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