A proactive approach to learning

To ensure long-term success, it's vital that you hold on to your best and brightest. Continued learning and development is a sure-fire way of keeping top talent happy, motivated and prepared for an ever-changing business environment. iTrent helps unlock your workforce's hidden potential with structured, tailor-made training plans.

Take a strategic, employee-centric approach to learning management, ensuring that your training plans are optimised and tailored to the particular needs of your organisations and staff.

Employ effective learning needs analysis to target the specific requirements of individuals, creating a more efficient learning strategy.

iTrent also allows you to streamline your administrative processes by managing all your internal and external training schedules and waiting lists ensuring optimum scheduling and attendance.  

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How does it work?

Automatically track appraisals, generate development plans and define learning needs. iTrent helps you to track, monitor and manage the learning needs of your entire workforce with ease.  

Create comprehensive profiles for each employee, giving you a clear overview of an individual's training history, results and progress. 

Send booking requests directly via iTrent's intuitive self-service feature. You can even book training resources such as people, rooms and equipment. 

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Effective learning is the way forward...

  • Retain top talent and increase morale through effective learning
  • Raise your workforce's skill base, resulting in increased performance levels
  • Ensure targeted, needs-based learning
  • Get greater returns on your investment through effective learning and analysis
  • Tailor your earning plan to support organisational objectives


Performance Management in the 21st Century

Are you paying £2700* per employee each year to disengage them from your organisation?

Many organisations like Accenture and Adobe are realising that the annual performance appraisal process no longer fits their business model and is having a negative impact on employee engagement.

In the first of a series of articles, MHR’s Julie Lock looks at why we need to ditch annual appraisals, why they don’t work anymore, what damage they cause and offers advice and guidance on how to successfully manage performance.

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