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Unlock the full potential of your people from day one, engaging them with your onboarding, performance appraisal, learning and development and succession planning. 

Talent Check-ins

Change the way you think about performance appraisal.

Provide a platform for employees and managers to engage in conversations anytime, anywhere.

iTrent Talent Check-ins enhances your performance appraisal process, improves wellbeing and provides managers with real-time information of employee happiness and job satisfaction.

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Performance Reviews: Is 2017 The Time To Check-in?


Performance appraisal needs an overhaul.


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Performance Management in the 21st Century


MHR’s Julie Lock looks at why we need to ditch annual appraisals and offers guidance on how to successfully manage performance.

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Once you've secured the right person, it's vital to maintain that great first impression.

Making the onboarding process as slick as possible allows you to deliver the highest levels of engagement.

iTrent onboarding software makes it easy to set up a new starter, reduce admin and ensure a great experience from day one.  

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Learning and Development

Future-proof your organisation by creating a culture of continuous learning. Developing your in-house talent provides long term benefits for your organisation and its employees. 

Using iTrent you can deliver structured and targeted training based on matching role requirements with individuals' skill sets, while providing employees with ownership of their training and providing managers with real-time information.

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Succession Planning

Promoting existing employees helps build an in-house talent pool and reflects positively on your organisation.

Succession planning is a fundamental part of talent management and iTrent allows you to manage the process in a measurable way. 

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Workforce Management

Manage your workforce to meet the demands of a modern day business. 

Daily workforce management is a basic requirement of any business. With iTrent you can easily identify work tasks and manage employee schedules, perform cost forecasting and predictive analysis on work patterns, automate the delivery of data to payroll and analyse the true impacts of absence. 


With greater demand for flexibility at work, organisations need to ensure their systems keep up with this shift. 

With iTrent you can easily capture time and attendance information across your workforce and automate even the most complex pay rules, multiple positions and workforce policies.

Working patterns

Being able to schedule activities based on people's work patterns, as well as their skills and availability is key to getting the right balance for the employee and the organisation.

iTrent helps automate these processes and ensures you have the optimal balance for accurate labour forecasting.

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iTrent provides the tools to understand your people, align your business ambition to their talent and support your employees every step of the way.  

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