As any employer you will face challenges in retaining and recruiting the right people for your roles, especially when it comes to specialist positions it can be a lengthy and challenging process.

The actual recruitment experience now has a significant bearing on whether candidates are even applying for the roles and when they do it needs to be a slick and informative process. 


  • Open a job requisition in a single action and publish on a career search portal
  • Candidate upload of all relevant information to the portal
  • Shortlist quickly matching skillset to criteria with match and gap analysis, from your internal talent pool and external candidates
  • Collaborate with team across departments on interview feedback
  • Create sophisticated authorisation paths to keep all parties involved


With over 450 million users of LinkedIn its clear there are a large number of passive candidates to reach. Whilst publishing jobs onto a job board is a good start, organisations need to utilise other channels to find great talent.

iTrent not only offers organisations their own job boards but also the ability for job advertisements to be directly shared to LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter and also a host of other job boards.


Not only do companies need to utilise their brand to sell to consumers but also to attract potential applicants to their roles. Potential applicants are sold on more than a package, representing the organisation brand & culture is key. 

iTrent offers organisations the ability to create multiple web recruitment sites in line with an organisations branding, allowing seamless integration with their existing digital platforms. This allows job sites to be directed and published to varying brands and also internal engagement tools such as social feeds.


Applicant experience and journey are key to ensuring an organisations successful campaign. We all have high expectations for intuitive use of technology and this is just as much expected within job applications.

iTrent supports the full lifecycle of applicant tracking from searching for a new job to on boarding into the organisation via a fully web responsive recruitment site. Application forms are also fully customisable therefore allowing organisations to tailor the right amount of data for each campaign.


Once an organisation has received applications its now ensuring they get the right person in the right job. It costs on average 6 – 9 months of an employee’s salary to replace them so it is fundamental to recruit and retain the right staff.

iTrent offer a flexible shortlisting process, accessible by individuals and panels which highlights top candidates that might be part of a created talent pool or already identified internally.


Non efficient processing in recruitment causes all parties a headache. It means extra work for hiring managers, candidates and HR.

iTrent offers fully automated workflows, inclusive of candidate correspondence and authorisation processing. A variety of dashboards are available and essential in allowing any employee involved in the recruitment process to easily keep track of progress of their campaigns.




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