Successful organisations are built on talented individuals.

A slick, streamlined recruitment and onboarding process can be the difference between securing the best and settling for less.

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Because talent is everything

In order to achieve your goals and drive long-term success, you need to attract and recruit the right people. Having a slick recruitment process plays a critical role in attracting top talent.

For candidates, the recruitment process acts as a window into your company and the way you work, and is increasingly seen as a key determiner when choosing an employer; a slow and inefficient process could deter even the keenest candidate.

With talent in high demand, it has never been more important to get recruitment right.

iTrent’s Recruitment solution simplifies the whole recruitment process – from Gap & Fill analysis to onboarding – allowing you to attract top talent while saving time and resources.


Key features:

  • Open a job requisition in a single action and publish on a career search portal
  • See all open requisitions in a single view
  • View single requisitions, complete with applicants and their stages in the recruitment lifecycle
  • Use match and gap analysis to quickly pair skillsets with criteria, from both internal and external talent pools
  • Candidates can upload all relevant information to the portal
  • Collaborate with teams across departments on interview feedback
  • Create sophisticated authorisation paths to keep all parties involved
  • Seamlessly transfer applicant records through to employee status
Talent Acquisition

Reaching candidates

With over half a billion LinkedIn user accounts online, it has never been easier to spread the recruitment net. Publishing jobs on job boards is a good start, but sourcing the best talent demands greater exposure and a wider reach.

In addition to providing your company with its own job board, iTrent utilises digital channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to access an ever-expanding talent pool.

Attracting candidates

Recruitment is a two-way process, with both candidate and employer in the shop window. Potential candidates are sold on much more than just an employment package; these days, your organisation’s brand and culture plays a major part in attracting top talent.

To secure the best people, you’ll need your business to shine – starting with the recruitment process. iTrent allows you to create multiple recruitment sites in line with your company’s branding, allowing seamless integration with existing digital platforms.

Recruit from within

There's a wealth of talent out there, but sometimes the answer is right under your nose. 

iTrent makes it easy to search your internal talent pool for the perfect fit, providing opportunities for career development and progression from within. This feeds into employee engagement, and ensures that your organisation’s culture and values are maintained.


Effective shortlisting

How do you go about finding the perfect match for your organisation?

Sifting through hundreds of applications is a needless waste of time and resources. That's why iTrent offers a flexible shortlisting process that quickly matches skillsets to criteria, highlighting top candidates for the job while filtering out unsuitable applicants.

iTrent also allows panel members to be assigned to support the shortlisting process, allowing multiple users to shortlist against one candidate. This enhances the shortlisting experience for managers by enabling them to see all scores given to a candidate during the panel process.


Workforce Management


An inefficient recruitment process means more work all round – not only for managers and HR, but also for the candidate.

From the candidate’s perspective, the recruitment journey is an insight into the way your company works. Inefficient processes not only waste time and resources, they also damage your brand.

iTrent offers fully automated workflows, including candidate correspondence and authorisation processing, so your recruitment process will be slick and sophisticated from start to finish.

A recruitment summary screen provides an overview of your open requisitions, and allows you to view summary details and manage applicants at all stages of the recruitment life cycle, allowing users to process key tasks quickly and easily.

Recruitment Case Study: How MHR Automated and Streamlined Recruitment and Removed Paper Processes

Discover how applications, shortlisting, recruitment packs, reports and applicant communications including telephone interviews and online assessments are all now managed easily in one central hub using iTrent functionality.


Recruitment Case Study: Removing Paper Based Application Process in favour of Web Recruitment System

Discover how iTrent's Web Recruitment functionality removed lengthy paper application processes, allowing applicants to search and apply for jobs online both internally and externally. This improved applicant experience, saving the company around 880 hours per year.


Recruitment Case Study: See how Queen’s University Belfast earned the title best job application website for a university

Download our case study to find out how MHR's itrent Web Recruitment has enabled Queens University Belfast to: Attract international academics; Offer applicants a simple end user interface; Integrate the corporate branding; Improve back office efficiency.


Recruitment Case Study: Powys County Council reduced operating costs by 37% with iTrent’s recruitment module

With MHR's iTrent solution, Powys County Council were able to enhance workforce performance, become an employer of choice and reduced operating costs by £116,572.


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