Organisations will want to manage people in a planned and effective way that enables them to deliver the best they can aligned with business goals.

This means creating the right organisational structure, the right work environment and using the best tools to enable people to make a difference.

As organisations become more complex in their geography, skill requirements and service offerings they will need an approach that enables HR teams to focus on strategic change as oppose to transactional activity.


  • Improve efficiency and accuracy of HR administration with configurable functionality
  • Integrated expense modules which allow simple submissions
  • Full self-serve across device, through notifications or interactive Chat applications
  • Improve management of sensitive HR information by storing in one central database
  • Configurable workflows to remove paper based processes and provide a complete view of your people



Understanding and adapting your organisations structure can sometimes prove a challenge. Whether that be through individuals making their changes or the needs of the business shifting it will be a factor for any business. It would be great to visualise your structures, plan scenarios based on actual or potential changes and get instant access to the insight around any impact.


Using one central database iTrent will allow you to understand and visualise with interactive charts your organisation and provide you with instant access to the required information. This can help to free HR administration and focus on supporting business change.



From a Human Resource perspective a key aspect is to give the people in any organisation a level of control and self-management.

With iTrent you can go further than basic self-service by allowing people to make holiday or expense requests via BOT technology.  


If the process for onboarding has been impactful then giving employees the ability to serve themselves and choose their benefits is paramount.



You will want all your employee information in one centralised system that can be easily accessed and maintained so there is complete visibility of the workforce. Documents and personal related content all wants to be stored in one place so it reduces admin time, removes paper and supports local and global compliance needs regarding your people.

iTrent provides that one centralised system and gives your team access to core HR records and enables the visibility and insight required over your workforce. With integrated document management it is straight forward to store and maintain all essential information in one place.


No matter the size of your organisation the ability create and maintain records for your people is critical. With one central system you can store all the important information required in one place, access it as required and deliver operational efficiencies through the removal of a distributed approach to employee information.

With iTrent being a system of one which integrates all your human resource information you will be able to deploy organisational changes faster, visualise your structures in real time, quickly add new workflows for managing people and provide reporting for all your managers. To realise your opportunity

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