GDPR Awareness e-learning Course

The way we collect, share and process information has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. Likewise, the way we volunteer information via online services, mobile applications and social media has grown without any real consideration as to how it is used.

The changes introduced by the GDPR largely reflect today’s data-driven, digital world – a world vastly different to that in which the current legislation was written.

Preparation for GDPR is well underway in many UK organisations, but the added burden of having to train all staff is putting some under enormous pressure.

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What will the course teach me?

The aim of our GDPR Staff Awareness e-learning course is to cut through the misinformation and scaremongering, giving employees a solid understanding of the issues surrounding GDPR, and the confidence to adapt to the new data security environment.

The course is a hassle-free solution with no software to install or support – all organisations have to do is purchase the course, tell MHR who needs the training, and the rest is taken care of – from enrolment right through to certification. What’s more, organisations will receive a report showing course completion and pass rates, so they know who has successfully completed the course.

Course Objectives:

  • Explain what the GDPR is and when it will become legislation
  • Describe the key roles and responsibilities within the GDPR
  • Define what constitutes personal and sensitive data
  • List the GDPR best practice principles
  • Explain what individual rights are
  • Understand breach consequences

Hassle Free Solution

No software to install or support – MHR takes care of everything for you.

Confidence with GDPR

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