Achieve, Learn and Develop


Whether it’s training to prepare your implementation team, or bespoke courses designed to give end users the knowledge and skills they need to get the most out of iTrent, we have the right course to meet your organisational needs.

iTrent training courses include:

  • Core programmes focusing on the provision of core iTrent skills and competencies required to get the best out of iTrent software
  • Modular programmes for those that want to achieve more from iTrent
  • Masterclasses that equip customers with ultimate knowledge in areas such as Business Objects



We want to ensure that all of our training brings real business benefits. Working closely with customers, we will create clearly defined objectives, validation of learning throughout the session and a post-course evaluation, demonstrating the value of the learning business to the learner and the wider organisation.


Our trainers are passionate about learning and supporting the development of your knowledge to help transform your business. Whether it’s providing that ‘light bulb’ moment on your learning journey, or tackling a specific training issue, we bring experience of cross-sector usage of iTrent and the ability to inject training innovation into your business and processes.

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