99.999% Accuracy with Outsourced Payroll

MHR's industry first, completely automated processes, ensure all your employees are paid correctly, every time, with 99.999% accuracy.

With the industry standard for payroll accuracy at 98%, every two in 100 people are paid either incorrectly or late. That's 10 people if you've got 500 employees... every single pay cycle. Add the wasted time and cost in fixing these problems and it becomes an expensive issue.

We'll take full responsibility of your end-to-end payroll processes. Let our experts take the pain away from your payroll, so your team can focus on more strategic, people-focused tasks. Perfect payroll is possible. 


Top 10 reasons to outsource your payroll:

    • Increased security
    • Accuracy and reliability (99.999%)
    • Speed and turnaround
    • Experience and expertise
    • Legislative compliance
  • Cost savings
  • Internal resource savings
  • Flexible managed services
  • Improved risk management
  • Happy employees with accurate pay every time

Alexa? Run my payroll

MHR's managed services team have taken automation to a whole new level with a new, first to market process. Running multiple payrolls simultaneously without any human interaction, our team offer an efficient and accurate service, whilst also saving time, in order to offer advice and guidance to our customers. 

Do you struggle to speak with your payroll team or provider at the end of the month when they're busy running up to your payment deadline? Not with MHR. Our automated processes ensure our team not only offer the service you need but go above and beyond to add value and help our customers. We're always available when you need us. 

Read our latest blog about how MHR's outsourced payroll can run without a human touch, just like Alexa. 


Alexa? Run my payroll

How accurate is your payroll?

Over 50% of larger organisations are using too many manual workflows when processing their payroll, leading to many mistakes in paying their people. Take the stress and hassle out of your payroll by outsourcing your processes to our managed services team.

With many organisations justifying their processes as 'the way they had always been done', it's time for businesses to update their payroll - for the sake of their employees, and their profits. 

Download our guide to strategic outsourcing which helps answer the questions many organisations have when thinking about switching:  

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Keeping you up and running

Payroll is a critical function. Your people need to be paid, accurately and on time. What happens if you suffer a system error and your IT team are all off sick? What happens if malware infects your systems and you can't get it back online before pay day? What if your internal payroll expert unexpectedly leaves? What if a fire hits your offices and takes your IT infrastructure offline? 

Do you have a contingency plan to ensure your payroll can always run?

By outsourcing your payroll to MHR, our internal servers have state-of-the-art risk management practices to ensure your payroll can always run, with a four-hour recovery time to get systems back online in the event of a problem. Our system is a closed network, with information only travelling between our sites and no shared infrastructure with any third-parties. 

You'll benefit from our in-depth security processes. We are covered by a variety of different accreditations to ensure our compliance and security measures are of a high standard. This includes:

  • ISO 27001, which assesses and certifies our legal, physical and technical information risk management controls. 
  • ISO 9001, to assess our services meet customer and regulatory requirements. 
  • Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP) and SOC 2 compliance, to provide both customers and employees with peace of mind about their security. 

Severn Trent case study

"Our long-term partnership with MHR has grown from strength to strength and has continued to provide us with the best possible service over the last decade and beyond. MHR's team are always there when we need them." Joe Carter, HR Manager at Severn Trent Plc.


Acorns Children's Hospice case study

"We have been really impressed with the help and support from MHR and were surprised to learn how much more we could save by automating and updating our existing policies". Becky Mallon, Head of HR at Acorns Children's Hospice.



Outsourcing your payroll to MHR

When choosing a company for outsourced payroll services, accuracy and reliability is of the utmost importance. MHR, creators of the renowned iTrent HR and payroll platform, pay over 2.3m UK workers with 99.999% accuracy.

With over 30 years of experience, and recognized by Dunn & Bradstreet as one of the top 1.8% most financially stable IT organisations in Europe, you can rest assured that you’re dealing with a reliable payroll provider.

Discover more about managed payroll services, and how you could make significant cost savings through efficiency, automation and HR payroll technology.

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Cloud payroll hosting service

MHR’s Cloud Hosting Services offer a cost effective, safe and reliable hosting option for the iTrent system. We can take care of everything for you – from service pack installs to 24/7 support and infrastructure maintenance.


Cloud Payroll Hosting

Bureau payroll service

MHR’s Bureau Service offers a range of options for those organisations who want more than a hosted option, but less than a fully managed service. Organisations can retain hands-on control of their payroll while utilising MHR’s expertise, experience and market-leading cloud solution.


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Our HR software system enjoys all of the benefits of a fully integrated HR and payroll system. Simplify HR and payroll processes, remove administrative burdens, and cut operational costs with iTrent – an HR system that you can access anywhere, anytime.

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