Shared Parental Leave - what you need to know

Emma Renke

Emma Renke is Head of HR Services within MHR’s Managed Services department. Emma is a non-practicing barrister of 8 years call who specialises in employment law and has previously represented clients in the Employment Tribunal and County Court on over 300 occasions. Emma’s specialist interests are discrimination, TUPE and HR strategic change.

Following on from my updates towards the end of 2014 regarding shared parental leave, here is what employers need to know moving forward.

The shared parental leave regulations came into force at the start of December and although we won't see parents taking actual leave until next spring, employers may now start receiving notifications from parents wishing to use this right.

The regulations represent a positive step towards equality in the workplace but businesses will have some work to do - the new rules include a number of qualifying conditions for the employee, as well as a new notification system for taking the leave. Amid all of this, there are several key factors employers should consider as they implement the changes.

To find out what these factors are, please read the rest of my shared parental leave update at:

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