Employee Checking Service

Hannah Harrild

As HRO Solutions Manager, Hannah is experienced in assisting organisations to overcome their HR challenges and streamlining processes to gain maximum efficiencies.

Take the Correct Steps by Doing the Right Checks

Last year alone a shocking £30 million was paid in fines by organisations not carrying out the relevant employee background checks. With a fine of up to £20,000 for each illegal worker on a payroll, it’s a risk you simply cannot afford to take.

Why are Employee Background Checks so Important?

It is not just the avoidance of these hefty fines that makes employee background checks so important. There are other far reaching advantages organisations can benefit from by doing these checks including:

  • Discouraging potentially ‘fake profilers’ to progress with their application
  • Exposing dishonest applicants
  • Increasing safety and security
  • Reducing employee turnover
  • Quicker recruitment process 

Getting Matters Right

MHR now offers an integral Employee Checking Service solution which covers a multitude of verifications for the UK workforce; returning accurate, real time information through our UK based HRO centre.

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