1. Ransomware infects thousands of computers

    The recent Ransomware attack is a timely reminder of the importance of data and cyber security.

  2. Being Walked All Over At Work?

    How to set expectations, make your voice heard and other tips to help assert yourself in the workplace.

  3. Restarting the HR Heartbeat

    Increased competition for both business and talent have put people firmly at the top of the list of CEO concerns. However, in some cases HR is still viewed as a functional, primarily administrative area of the business.

  4. A Manager’s Guide to Handling Political Conflict At Work

    The snap General Election has triggered lots of debating in the workplace. Here are our top management tips for dispelling political clashes between employees and maintaining office harmony!

  5. Mind The Gap: HR & The Gender Pay Gap

    Transparency is finally here, but why should HR care about closing the Gender Pay Gap?

  6. Get The Best From Employee Engagement Activities From Day 1

    How do you really manage to engage employees and keep them that way from day one? Here are some key tips to help your engagement strategies succeed.

  7. How Can We Enhance The 'Humanness' Of HR?

    The use of bots in HR isn't about replacing humans with tech. It's about freeing you up from admin tasks to focus on the really valuable human skills.

  8. It Is Time For HR To Fight The Faff

    With Chatbots, processing expenses, holidays, absences and other administrative burdens are a breeze! Fight the faff in HR and free up your day for what's most important with the latest AI technology.

  9. Charities: How to recruit from the untapped talent pool

    How to make the most of often overlooked recruitment and talent management opportunities within the charity/Not For Profit (NFP) sector.