1. Honey, I've Lost the Talent

    According to The Guardian, the UK is a world leader in "skills", with a more skilled workforce than ever before - " Great news, right? Well not quite...

  2. Retail: Who said the high street was dead?

    According to a recent PwC blog, retailers were closing high street stores at an average rate of 15 per day at the beginning of 2016 - a net total of 503 stores closed and an increase from a 14 average in 2015.

  3. The Curious Ways In Which We Can View Future Technology

    If we turn and look back, we see a continual change and re-invention of our time at work and of our adoption of technology both at work and at home.

  4. Performance Reviews: Is 2017 the time to check-in?

    Performance review management needs an overhaul. Are check-ins the way forward in 2017, for truly effective employee/manager communication?

  5. Selecting A New Payroll Solution? Be Careful!

    We answer the important questions around choosing a new payroll software solution for your organisation.

  6. Could Blockchains Help HR?

    How can HR departments utilise Blockchains' exciting development in financial technology?

  7. A Quiet October for Employment Law – But Future Change to Come

    Whilst parliament’s focus may have been elsewhere in recent times, HR practitioners can expect a number of these anticipated legislative changes to come to fruition in 2017 and beyond.

  8. Personal Tax Accounts: A Helping Hand for Payroll

    What is my tax code? When will I receive my tax refund? How much state pension will I receive? If your payroll department is inundated with questions of this nature, information is readily available to your employees via HMRC’s Personal Tax Account (PTA).

  9. The Great Cloud Migration

    The benefits of Cloud can hardly be overstated. However, a large number of organisations still rely on on-premise HR and Talent solutions. If you're part of this latter majority, it's time to accelerate to your migration plans... Or face extinction.