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For the third year running, MHR is sponsoring Hack24 2017 - the 24 hour coding competition in the heart of Nottingham.

This year's Hack24 competition will take place on 18th-19th March at the grand Nottingham Council House overlooking the Old Market Square. For the third year running, MHR will be sponsoring the 24 hour-long competition to find the most creative and innovative coders in the country.

In teams of up to four people, you will be set a code building challenge that will be judged by an expert panel - including MHR's Chief Technical Officer Anton Roe. The winners will receive £2,000, with a runner-up prize to be announced on the day! 

The challenge: How engaged are you?

Did you know that 9 out of every 10 employees in Europe and 7 and of 10 in the US, are not engaged in their work? Did you also know that increasing employee engagement has a positive impact on an organisations financial performance? Employee engagement is fundamental to creating a high-performance culture.

The war for talent will continue, consequently organisations need to work hard to ensure they hire the best people and of course retain them. Retaining people can be just as hard as recruiting them in the first place; therefore, understanding what motivates them and how engaged in their roles they are is vitally important.

So, how do you track employee engagement? How do you do it without it looking like big brother is watching you? How do you do it without constantly asking employees questions? How do you detect the sentiment in what employees are saying and how can you serve up useful information to managers that will allow them to improve the situation? How do you make your employees part of the solution?

This is your challenge… Build an app that helps engage employees, identifies engagement levels and serves up insight and recommendations on how to improve and maintain it.

If you and your team-mates think you've got what it takes to become 2017's coding champions, enter by simply filling in the form below, or visit the Hack24 website for more details. 

A look back at Hack24 2016

As a sponsor last year, MHR set their own coding challenge, "Visualise your organisation". Read the summary below:

"As organisations engage more with their employees, visualising the shape of the organisation, social connections and job skills is becoming more and more important. Being able to quickly locate people by skill, influence, location and performance rating are all requirements in today’s organisational management. Simply viewing the organisation from the top down is no longer enough, so our challenge to the coders is to come up with innovative ideas for visualising the organisation." 

Watch the video of MHR's 2016 hack here.

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