Global Payroll Solutions

We offer global payroll management as an outsourced service, powered by iTrent payroll software. Our international payroll service provides an end-to-end solution that alleviates administrative burdens and significantly reduces risks of non-compliance. Delivered through in-country global partners and connecting you via one single point of contact, this service offers complete peace of mind whether you operate in one country, or one hundred.

Ensure compliance and quality with in-country legislation

  • Our partner is committed to international accreditations and compliance programme
  • Ensure your payroll remains legislative compliant at all times
  • ISO27001, an Information Security standard
  • Business Continuity Measures (BCM)

Reduce duplication and free your time up

  • All employee records are held in one central system
  • Less time spent on administration
  • Less data duplication
  • Increase in data accuracy

Don’t let your business needs get lost in translation

  • We take the time to get to know your people and international payroll management processes
  • One single point of contact would be assigned to handle your day to day management of your account
  • Take away the legislative headache and administrative burden