You’d think that large businesses would be smart to the huge cost-saving efficiencies of digital payroll systems.

Unfortunately, you'd be wrong.

MHR's research shows that many organisations are taking too many risks when it comes to their payroll processes. They’re still relying on archaic, manual methods that lead to wastage too significant to shrug off.
a NIGHTMARE on PAYROLL STREET reveals the hazards that these organisations expose themselves to, with advice on how to fix the problems. As the name suggests, it's pretty scary stuff.

Five Payroll Nightmares and How to Solve Them eBook


Pay day is coming...


People are counting down, making plans for when the money hits their account. But they don’t see the trials that go on behind the scenes to make the magic happen. There are many payroll pitfalls to avoid.

Do you struggle to get a response from zombie payroll systems? Is precious data oozing through cracks...

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