Take Your Organisation To New Heights With The Cloud

The benefits of Cloud can hardly be overstated. However, a large number of organisations still rely on on-premise HR and Talent solutions. Why is there a reluctance of embracing and adopting this technology?

A 2016 State Of The Cloud Report shows that investment in Cloud technology is steadily rising. With the development of Hybrid Clouds and with the ease of setting up and supporting a private Cloud, research published on Computer Weekly found that in 2016 Hybrid Cloud adoption grew from 58% to 71%.4 However many CIO's and Directors are still sceptical that the Cloud does not deal with all their issues or answer all of their questions.  

Some of the main issues preventing a move to the cloud are:

  • Security Risks – how secure is the Cloud?
  • Lack of Knowledge – do we know enough about the Cloud?
  • Lack of Expertise – do I have enough internal expertise to support it?
  • Availability and Reliability- if it goes down who do we call?
  • Database Access – how can you guarantee that the access will be enough?

Many of these issues have now been addressed and today’s cloud solutions are safer than ever and can help to increase efficiency, improve cash flow and more. Take a look at how a Cloud solution can help you and your organisation:With MHR’s Private Cloud in particular, you can be guaranteed a wealth of added benefits including:

Benefits to the organisation

Benefits to individuals


  • State of the art firewalls
  • All security checked, vetted and cleared staff
  • Datacentres are owned and operated exclusively by MHR
  • Secure file via dedicated transmission/file exchange - SFTP site
  • Dedicated team of Cyber Security Analysts
  • Annual security testing of software and infrastructure using external specialists

For CFO’s, the Cloud…

  • Reduces the overall cost of supporting in house infrastructure. The business decision to move to the Cloud is often financially motivated. Previously, companies had to buy their own hardware equipment, the value of which depreciated over time.
  • Provides peace of mind
  • Offers reduced complexity
  • Can allow more concentration on core business
  • Means you only pay for what you use


  • Dedicated Operations team manage over 1200 environments
  • Database copies, patching and upgrades are performed as a service for customers every day
  • Specialist Windows team to manage the presentation layer with more than 20 years' experience
  • Specialist Oracle systems team with more than 20 years' experience

HR Benefits include…

  • Strong employee empowerment
  • Higher employee Engagement and motivation
  • HR Strategy becoming more of a priority

Disaster recovery

· Dedicated Operations team manage over 1200 environments

· Database copies, patching and upgrades are performed as a service for customers every day

· Specialist Windows team to manage the presentation layer with more than 20 years' experience

· Specialist Oracle systems team with more than 20 years' experience


· 99.99%+ in 2017

· Department focus improving year on year

· All planned maintenance performed out of hours by default

Compliance & assurance

· SOC 2, Cyber Essentials, ISO 9001, ISO 27001


· Varied hardware and software monitoring suites

· 24/7 security monitoring through a Managed Security Service Provider

On call support

· Engineer available outside of normal working hours for Category A emergencies

· Hourly staff monitoring between 08:00 and 23:00


· Hosted IT team work closely with Software Engineering, Product Development and Service Desk

· Consultancy Department in house for co-ordinated customisation work

· Upgrade to latest iTrent releases, service pack and critical updates

Customisation Knowledge

· Hosted IT up-to-date with known errors, mandatory hotfixes and legislative requirements

· Experience with full array of customisation: logos, language files, custom reports, custom pay slips

Ready to take your HR and payroll software to the next level?

MHR recently introduced the Cloud Migration Service which is a simple, convenient and rapid way to move your on premise iTrent service to MHR’s private cloud. Managed by our team of Cloud Hosting experts and for a fixed fee, you could be up and running in as little as three weeks.

If you are a MHR customer and would like to take advantage of this fantastic service, why not book a discovery day with your Business Development Manager, simply email BDM@mhr.co.uk or call 0115 945 7713.