Meet James

MHR reveals its latest #EnableYourGreatness Campaign video

MHR Celebrates HR & Payroll Professionals

HR and Payroll experts MHR have today revealed the second video in its #EnableYourGreatness campaign, following the release of “Meet Margaret” last month. The videos focus on celebrating the often-overlooked contributions made by Payroll and HR professionals to successful organisations every day.

The newly released two-minute film features “James” - a team leader in a legal department during the day, and a coach of a synchronised swimming team in his free time. In the video, James is overwhelmed with fear of the preparation required for his team’s looming end-of-year performance appraisals. However, James is saved from drowning in stress by using MHR’s iTrent Talent Check-in technology, a real-time performance management platform which allows managers and employees to have regular, informal and consistent reviews of performance, wellbeing, and career development removing the burden of the single, comprehensive, appraisal that happens only once per year.

Ian Stewart, Marketing Director at MHR, says: “Margaret was ground-breaking – she’s ordinary but has a hidden talent which makes her extraordinary, and James is no exception. This advertising campaign will continue to put HR & Payroll professionals in the spotlight, and tell fun stories about real people like James and Margaret, who when enabled with the right tools can achieve greatness in all facets of life.

Watch the new advert here: