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Meet James

MHR launch its latest new video #EnableYourGreatness - Meet James

Meet James

"Meet James" focus on celebrating the often-overlooked contributions made by Payroll and HR professionals to successful organisations every day.

Meet James

Gender Pay Gap Reporting: Why You Should See It as an Opportunity

MHR's Rachel Mapleston explains how organisations can make the most of the gender pay gap reporting process.

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Bad Managers Are Driving Talented Staff to Quit Their Jobs

British employees cite bullying, aggressive behaviours and micro-management as examples of their most recent experiences of poor management.


The GDPR Privacy Principles – and How They'll Affect Your Business

In the latest of our GDPR blogs, we look at the six principles that underpin the processing of personal data. 


Karren Baroness Brady CBE gives her Philosophy on Successful People Management 

Karren Baroness Brady CBE, MHR's keynote speaker at the 2017 HRD Club event held earlier this month, gives her philosophy on how best to harness the assets of people in business. 




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