Leading organisations are filled with talented individuals who mix up the status-quo and when equipped with the right solutions, are what make your organisation achieve its potential.

MHR allows your talent to enable their greatness, supporting them to deliver optimum efficiency, accuracy and innovation within the organisation.

Your new iTrent payroll solution, performed like a perfect rendition of bohemian rhapsody, will have your employees greeting you with a standing ovation.

So be like Margaret, rocking it inside and outside the office. Download our overview brochure to see how we can enable your rock stars.

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Payroll have never looked quite like this...

Your people work hard to make your organisation a success. Come payday, they expect you to deliver.

...and that’s where we can help.

At MHR we understand the importance of payroll. We know that while it may be a processing function, its impacts are real and human. That’s why we offer a complete range of solutions to make your payroll process accurate, effective and hassle-free.

With MHR you can:

  • Manage all aspects of your payroll with iTrent, our innovative software solution
  • Consult our experts on payroll issues, compliance and strategy
  • Or hand over your entire payroll process to our Managed Services team

Whatever your needs, we’ll help you pay your people on time, every time.

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"Payroll information is provided in advance and legislative compliance automated, reducing risks and allowing discrepancies to be eliminated ahead of processing BACs. The council are already seeing significant increase in payroll efficiency/ accuracy and security, with password protected electronic payslips delivered to 80% of the workforce."

- Sevenoaks Council


Having provided HR & Payroll services for over 30 years, we have the expertise to help shape the direction of your organisation.

We understand that its people that make an organisation successful, so providing them with the right tools and information is critical.

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