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Delighting your customers across all of your channels

Always delivering an outstanding customer experience is your road to retail success. It is the culmination of a complex chain of human interactions across your enterprise – online, in-store and to the customer’s door.

HR software solutions at a glance

MHR offer award winning HR software solutions that are fully integrated with iTrent payroll software in one single system, giving you a single, centralised view of your workforce:

HRM software systems help to drive valuable insights within your business that are orientated around your biggest asset; people.

A slick, streamlined recruitment and onboarding process can be the difference between securing the best and settling for less.

Unlock the full potential of your people from day one, engaging them with your performance appraisal, L&D and succession planning.

Smart HR departments use their wealth of employee data to make better decisions about their workforce and improve operational performance.

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The nature of retail has changed more in the past ten years than in the past one hundred years combined, and it continues to evolve at breakneck speed.

Consumers expect more for less, and brands must bring their sales strategies in line with how and where people want to shop now. 

We know talent management is complex –  whether you’re attracting future leaders, managing seasonal staff or a diverse supply chain, we help keep your teams inspired and engaged, and help you strengthen the core of your business.


Simplicity from complexity

Adopting our web-enabled platform including the most stable payroll, recruitment and training capabilities reduces manually intensive tasks and saves costs helping to improve your bottom-line – giving retail managers and staff accurate, up to date information on the go.

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iTrent has allowed us to devolve responsibility away from head office, enabling local management to assume responsibility for their own staff

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