Having the best people on board to ensure that those in need have a stable home is more important than ever for Housing Associations. 

To be able to manage those people you need to ensure your processes are efficient and consistent so that your Association is efficient.

The Government’s focus on encouraging home ownership in recent years has led to a lack of new social housing and funding cuts for Housing Associations.

In this challenging political and economic climate, MHR can free your workforce from administrative tasks, realigning your focus on providing for the nation. 



Whether you need time back to meet difficult compliance requirements or want to tackle fraud and rent arrears to improve your service offering and ensure that every penny is making a difference, MHR understands that your ultimate goal is to deliver quality housing and that you cannot do that without the power of your people.





Simplicity from complexity

MHR is helping Housing Associations to significantly reduce paper processes and give employees control of their HR needs on the move. Our cloud based solution provides you with real time reporting, making it easier to have all the information you need at your fingertips. Our solution will enable you to automate and streamline processes and adopt best practice HR Procedures throughout your organisation.


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