HR & Payroll for the Education Industry

HR & Payroll for the Education Industry


Educational institutions need a versatile HR and payroll solution. It is important that you employ the right people, have the ability to attract a diverse workforce and ensure constant changes to the curriculum are met. Additionally, tackling complex pay structures, pension schemes and complying with tax systems are just a few of the challenges you are likely to face.



MHR tackles all of these areas, helping universities, colleges, and schools with an efficient and effective HR and payroll system. We help you manage your personnel, enabling you to attract the best academic staff to achieve the best outcomes for students, improving your reputation in the process.


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Make sure you don't miss out on top talent...

iTrent makes recruitment a breeze, with our web capability ideal for accessing a wide range of education workers for your institution, and eliminating the need to re-enter applicant data through an accurate time-saving solution.

Keep your workforce smiling by ensuring pay is accurate everytime...

Our accurate and efficient payroll solution is the key to your success. We’ve designed and implemented software with a new standard of accuracy, compliance, and flexibility to tackle things like complicated pension schemes and ensure that individuals can move into multiple roles easily.

iTrent has the ability to schedule routine jobs in batches, update in bulk, assess your workforce performance and enrol employees onto pension schemes. It covers the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS), Teachers' Pension Scheme (TPS), and Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) – but that’s just the start.


iTrent Payroll

Achieving success for universities

The central goal for all higher education organisations is to inspire and prepare university students on the path to graduation and their future careers. Great results stem from the quality of teaching, organisation and learning environments in each education institution.

MHR are here to provide solutions to your HR and payroll challenges.

A growing culture of commercialism is forming and the ability to attract international academics to provide expertise is on the rise. Thankfully, iTrent has the functionality to assist with this - plus it’s compatible with the  Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) standards too.


Through the implementation of iTrent, MHR is enabling universities across the UK to become more efficient and effective throughout their HR and payroll processes.

At MHR we support 25% of The Guardian's top 20 universities, and cover 24% of all university employees. We’re the leading provider of HR and payroll in this area, meaning our system covers over 50 universities across the UK, so you can rest assured we’ve listened and understand the needs of education professionals. With our industry experts on hand you can guarantee the best service.

University Of Plymouth

"Through the implementation of iTrent we managed to save 880 hours per year!"

"iTrent’s implementation and ongoing developments have facilitated HR in driving use of the system and improving customer service."


What did our customers say?


Ensuring our customers are happy with the products and services we offer is the most important thing in everything we do.

We take on board feedback and look to improve wherever possible. Here are just a couple of quotes which highlight the impact iTrent is having:

"We wanted to be able to provide complete life cycle processing for all aspects of recruitment, HR processing and payroll administration and are now enjoying a range of new capabilities and benefits.”


Our cloud hosting service...

Are you finding it difficult to manage your HR and payroll in house? Why not use our cloud hosting service, freeing up your time, and allowing iTrent to take care of everything for you.

Our Cloud Hosting Services

Empowering schools and colleges

Ensuring pupils at school get the best education (and therefore best start in life) is essential in encouraging them to perform well. Enabling them to reach their full potential to get the results they strive for is where educators come in.

We fully understand you require the best teaching and departmental staff to make this happen. We can help schools and colleges with our integrated and highly configurable HR and payroll system.


Tailored HR software? Better implement iTrent..

At over 150 UK schools and colleges, iTrent helps with the complications that teacher pension schemes bring as they change over time. It also ensures statutory legislation is met, while providing training and development to help with the straight-forward allocation of workers and much, much more.



Farnborough College of Technology adopts education specific functionality

"We have adopted iTrent's pre-configured, education-specific elements including automated Staff Individualised Records (SIR), flexible term time calculations and multiple employments, to help speed up implementation."

"With the College's ambitious implementation schedule, MHR's Education Business Pack will help the HR and payroll teams to hit the ground running. With a number of pre-configured sector specific options."


iTrent and Personnel Management

Using iTrent, targeted and structured training can be delivered to your workforce, matching role requirements against personnel. This information is fed back to your managerial team in real-time, helping with validity and reliability of data.

We understand that curriculums are constantly evolving so through the introduction of iTrent you can take advantage of our learning and management module; ensuring that your workforce are up-to-date with the most recent syllabuses at all times.

School Workforce Census coverage

What data is covered?

  • School Workforce Level - gathers the data of staff members individually.
  • School Level - gathers the headcount data for certain categories of information.
  • LA Level - gathers the headcount data for certain categories of staff.

Single central record data is also covered!

Why not prepare for the future of HR...

You can do this by taking on board the HR Chatbot - here to help you automate your processes further by making it a faster, more efficient way of dealing with your day to day requests through your own virtual HR assistant. 

Make sure you take full advantage and meet our Chatbot...


Meet Our Chatbot

Digital transformation. Because you can’t back up a notepad

Digital transformation means introducing platforms which integrate all areas of the business through the means of technology.

It’s currently taking the markets by storm and as a result you can rest assured that you’re following business trends and keeping up-to-date with the most recent and advanced forms of technology in HR and payroll; which is paramount to ensuring that success is delivered. 

Why not read our blog to get our top tips on giving power to your people processes.

Top Tips Digital Transformation

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand your industry specific requirements.

Why not read our FAQs to see if we provide a solution to your problems.

Why not ask us a question?

Can you use iTrent to receive job applications from anywhere in the world?

Yes, iTrent has an outward facing web page, allowing applicants from all over the world to apply for your roles.

With iTrent, can we manage multiple pay scales, such as hourly paid or term-time only lecturers?

Yes, our solution has the ability to pay every worker as needed, based on their different ways of working.

Are we able to integrate our own education branding, to create a recruitment style portal?

Yes, iTrent enables each organisation to tailor their recruitment portal to represent their company, making it more recognisable for people using the system for the first time.

Does iTrent have the functionality to conduct pre-vetting checks?

Within iTrent you have the ability to create screening questions in advance to ensure that candidates meets your working requirements. iTrent can also record any checks conducted such as Disclosure and Barring (DBS checks, formally CRB).

Are we able to monitor and set appropriate training for our employees?

iTrent allows you to deliver structured and targeted training based on matching role requirements with specific people profiles. 

Does iTrent recognise the complicated and bespoke pension schemes in place within this industry?

Yes, iTrent supports a variety of different pension schemes including LGPS, TPS and USS.

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