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Our dedicated central government team works with you to understand your business context, challenges and objectives. 

We create bespoke solutions, with products and services that provide clear and tangible benefits to you and your end customers. 


HR software solutions at a glance

MHR offer award-winning HR software solutions that are fully integrated with iTrent payroll software in one single system, giving you a single, centralised view of your workforce:

HRM software systems help to drive valuable insights within your business that are orientated around your biggest asset; people.

A slick, streamlined recruitment and onboarding process can be the difference between securing the best and settling for less.

Unlock the full potential of your people from day one, engaging them with your performance appraisal, L&D and succession planning.

Smart HR departments use their wealth of employee data to make better decisions about their workforce and improve operational performance.

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To view our full range of HR and payroll software, download our brochure which shows the full range of solutions we can offer. 

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Do more with less

Government agencies are continually being asked to do more with less, and this is never more the case than now. Pressure is on to cut costs, while also ensuring no adverse effect on funding.

We believe in strengthening the core of your organisation – by helping you streamline your processes and improve your operating environment, and by attracting, developing and retaining the best talent.

Our solutions are tailored to your organisation’s precise needs. Our teams are industry experts who will add value and reduce complexity at every step of the way.

HR Solutions

Simplicity from complexity

Our web-enabled platform features real-time payroll, recruitment and training capabilities and core HR workflow, allowing you to save costs and improve your organisation’s efficiency, while your teams spend less time on process-driven tasks.

Book a demonstration of our HR and Payroll software solutions, chat about our AI innovations, and get an up-close view of how our system can work for governmental organisations.

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"MHR gives a great level of service and we really appreciate the ability to customise the system for our organisation's specific requirements."

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