When delivering financial services to clients, knowledgeable employees who put the client first are your most valuable asset. Yet attracting, retaining and developing your employees is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s competitive environment.

You need to employ strategies to develop your talent pool, attract top talent and engage your entire workforce to help you deliver your organisation’s goals.

MHR understands that in a highly regulated industry like banking and finance, you are under pressure more than most to be accountable and transparent and that includes what you do with your people. 

MHR can deliver FCA Compliant solutions, to help you throughout the employee lifecycle from recruitment to retirement. Our software and services are designed to automate your transactional processes which allows you to focus more strategically on your workforce and allowing your employees to make the right investment every time for your clients.



Your needs are unique to your financial institution, that’s why MHR solutions are tailored for you by our sector experts – here to add value, simplicity and ease at every step of the way.




Simplicity from complexity

Our cloud solution allows you to stay on top of your talent wherever and whenever you need it. With powerful self-service functions and complete integration with existing HR and finance data, it allows you to improve your organisation’s efficiency and seamlessly manage employees.

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