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Finding the right Payroll solution for you

Support your organisation with the most flexible and robust Payroll Software and Services available to the Irish market


 What are the key things you want from your payroll software? Accuracy, Flexibility, Compliance and all in one place. iTrent’s integrated solution is leading the way. 

With the PAYE changes now live and affecting the way you process payroll, this is the perfect opportunity to consider your current solution and explore what options are available to make sure that you're getting the best solution for your needs.


Getting the right system

iTrent’s payroll solution supports every step of the payroll process in Ireland.

The solution provides the functionality to create, validate and submit files to Revenue and includes the flexibility to delete and correct submissions alongside requesting submission totals; providing a comprehensive solution to manage real time reporting requirements and avoiding fines or costs incurred as a result of incorrect submissions.

Perfect Payroll - it's possible

  • Unique Validation Tool -  Ensure everything is correct before you submit information to Revenue by using iTrent’s unique validation tool prior to submission; resulting in efficient and accurate processing every time.
  • Error checking portal - iTrent has a service which checks payroll run totals enabling you to reconcile payroll reports against Revenue records. This mitigates risks of under/overpaying PAYE and the potential of any late penalty fines.  
  • Multiple Legislation Payrolls - Do you run multiple legislation payrolls? No problem. The main processing and navigation of real time reporting mirrors UK RTI, providing a consistent user experience making it straight forward for your payroll team to use.


All in one place

  • Stay in one system - an integrated Revenue Payroll Notification (RPN) service facilitates the request and response PAYE data for employees meaning you don't need to leave iTrent to submit your payroll. A big plus for data protection and ease of use.  
  • Minimise Inaccuracies - integration with wider iTrent HRM modules, such as time and attendance, ensuring payroll information is always up to date with no manual intervention required.
  • Award Winning Expertise - Take advantage of iTrent's award winning payroll built on the foundations of over 35 years of expertise. 

iTrent Payroll

Our payroll solution is one of the most flexible payroll systems on the market, helping you manage all aspects of your payroll in one easy to use place.

With MHR’s payroll software, transform your payroll activities to suit your organisations’ needs, no matter how straightforward or complex your requirements may be.

Looking to outsource?

If you want to explore the option of outsourcing your payroll, either in full or part, you can take advantage of MHR's unrivalled accuracy of over 99.9%.   

Full Service Support

Our UK support team are always available to answer your payroll queries. 

Discover iTrent Payroll

Meet Margaret - The Rockstar Payroll Manager

Payroll has never looked quite like this...

Meet Margaret, she’s crowd surfing her way through compliance changes, turning up the volume on accuracy and flexibility using iTrent’s automation to put her organisation on the big stage.

Need some help?

Talk to us about your payroll processes or if you need some guidance on what you need to do before the PAYE Modernisation deadline hits - we’re here to help!

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