iTrent System Administrator

Dedicated system administrators, a lack of internal system skills and the natural attrition of super users, can make it difficult for you to get the most out of iTrent. That’s why we’ve launched iTrent System Administrator, a cost effective solution to help you manage and configure your iTrent system.

The iTrent System Administrator service provides:

  • Ad hoc system administration requirements such as new pay calculations, as and when you need it
  • Help to understand the benefits of new features in a release, plus the configuration of these features
  • Support for your staff with advice and guidance to get them quickly up to speed

Your staff will take full advantage of new features in releases which will help your operational efficiency, you'll also be able to automate as much processing and calculating as possible saving time, money and improving accuracy. We will also support your staff fully with advice and guidance whilst learning more about iTrent.

Totally flexible support

You can choose either 60, 120, 180 hours of system administration a year, or alternatively 20 hours across four months - whatever suits your needs, helps you to get the most from the system and simplify and automate your payroll and HR.


If you're a customer of ours and ready to save your organisation time and money, as well as improving accuracy, email or call 0115 945 7713 to find out more!