iTrent Assist

MHR’s iTrent Assist Service works in partnership with customers to help you get the most from your iTrent investment. The service provides access to a dedicated pool of MHR expert consultants, on hand to provide systems support whenever your organisation requires it.

The iTrent Assist consultancy team offer consistent and high level consultancy via phone and email, without the requirement for advance planning or the need to book full days. Call to solve an issue, discuss possibilities or achieve a small amount of consultancy work done at short notice or just advice and guidance. 

Systems support packages

iTrent Assist will enable you to spend less time on when and how to configure and maintain iTrent, allowing you to focus on your core business. We have developed three different levels of support dependant on your organisation’s needs and requirements:

In brief this service provides:

  • Dedicated MHR expert consultants who will provide consistent systems support at short notice when needed
  • Walkthroughs of upcoming upgrades, and how new updates, modules and services can benefit your organisation
  • Flexible support that can range from ad hoc hours to blocks of days and immediately available
  • Three tiers of support packages available to suit your needs, whether you need a little or a lot of assistance

Standard iTrent Consultancy

This basic package suits customers who require a small amount of systems support, including day-to-day advice or system configuration and maintenance on an ad hoc basis. In more detail this package provides:

  • Remote support from a consistent pool of MHR expert consultants
  • Flexible support for between 30 minutes and six hours per month
  • Varied support including advice and guidance, user calculations and batch job support

Premium iTrent Consultancy

This enhanced package suits customers who require a higher level of iTrent Assist support. It includes all the areas of support outlined in the Standard Consultancy package, with the benefit of:

  • A dedicated named consultant with guaranteed availability
  • The option for the consultant to be based on site
  • The ability to book out a large number of days

Upgrade iTrent Support

This package has been designed specifically to help customers understand the content of each software release and the impact it would have on their organisation. In more detail, this package provides:

  • Four onsite meetings to discuss the four software releases which occur throughout the year
  • A full impact analysis of the release on your organisation
  • How to upgrade and configure the content of the new release
  • How to realise the organisational benefits by implementing the new software release

For more information on our iTrent Assist service, please speak to your Business Development Manager or contact us here.