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Payroll doesn’t have to be boring, appraisals don’t have to be rigid, and recruitment doesn’t have to be chaotic… By putting people at the heart of your organisation, you can drive your business success further. Let your people progress and your organisation will progress with them.

Throw away outdated models of working and celebrate your people, with all their individual quirks and qualities. Let them shine, enhance their talents, and become the very best they can be. It’s all about power to the people.

Watch the videos and see how our people were able to enable their greatness!

Meet Margaret - rocking payroll solutions

Payroll has never looked quite like this...

Meet Margaret, a payroll rockstar, turning up the volume on accuracy, visibility and flexibility using iTrent’s automation to put her organisation on the big stage.

Discover Margaret's story...




Meet James - synchronising appraisals

Appraisals have never looked quite like this...

Meet James, a team leader making a splash by synchronising appraisals with regular feedback check-ins and turning outdated practices into streamlined communications.

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Meet Li - champion recruitment

Recruitment has never looked quite like this...

Meet Li, a champion recruitment manager who, empowered by iTrent's recruitment software, finds, recruits and onboards the best talent for his organisation.  

Discover Li's story...




Meet Ellie - super employee engagement

Employee engagement has never looked quite like this... Meet Ellie, a super manager (literally) who puts employee engagement at the heart of her agenda thanks to the handy AI HR chatbot sidekick.

Discover Ellie's story...

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