Chatbot is your very own virtual assistant, designed to help simplify, automate and accelerate admin tasks and provide a personalised service for your employees, allowing your HR department to focus on the stuff that really matters. 

Get more time to focus on the human side of HR.

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Do you need a helping hand to take care of your HR administrative tasks and deliver a great employee experience for your organisation?

Over 1 in 3 HR Managers state that their
number one headache on a daily basis
is maintaining high levels of employee
engagement when much of their time
is taken up with laborious admin.

Download the brochure below and get your personalised link to chat with Chatbot and learn how Chatbot can support you and your organisation.

Find out about:

  • The key benefits AI can bring to HR departments
  • The future of Chatbots and AI
  • Specific ways Chatbot can improve efficiency in your organisation.
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Time to focus on the human side of HR

  • Reduce admin pressure on your employees, freeing up their time to focus on more important work for your organisation
  • Deliver a friendly, personalised and engaging service to your workforce
  • Improve employee engagement and productivity
  • Identify successors to a position through talent management functionality

Your employees will love it too

  • Book holiday bookings and check balances whenever and wherever they are (Shakira style)
  • Logging expenses quickly and easily
  • Check in and out of work on your phone, and let Chatbot calculate TOIL and overtime automatically 
  • Forty common questions answered instantly through the app
  • Daily briefings to get ready for the day 


Chatbot: Your Latest Recruit 

Hannah Jeacock, Research Director at MHR, examines the past, present and future of Chatbots and why all businesses would benefit from AI technology. 

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Want to dive a little deeper?


'AI and The Future of Work' whitepaper unpicks the impact of AI on the workplace.

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Get modern, get flexible

You can also use Chatbot to book different types of holiday. From normal holiday requests to flexi time and Time off in Lieu (TOIL), Chatbot can process your requests, submit them to managers and accelerate the process of booking a holiday.

Establish your company as a modern workforce with flexible working options, such as requesting TOIL and adapting your working hours to suit individual needs through flexi time. By manually capturing the data via Chatbot, save the managerial administrative headache of inputting all your owed TOIL and ensuring the holidays are accurate.

Also, allow your company to embrace remote working via Chatbot’s clock in function. Remote workers can utilise Chatbot’s clock in and out ability and leave behind the inconvenience of trying to record working hours when away from the office. By allowing these freedoms you’ll see an increase in employee engagement and a streamlined holiday process.

Integrated Workforce Management

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