Employee Engagement Software

What is employee engagement and why should you care?

Employee engagement, as the title suggests, is engaging your people in the work they do.

This has two key functions:

  • Ensuring that people are interested in what they do and focussed on getting results for your business.
  • Making sure your people are happy, great mental health shows responsible employment and means the people at your business will miss less time through illness, will work harder and ultimately, you’ll never have to replace them.

An added bonus is that a cheerful and engaged workforce create a great atmosphere at work, making life better for everyone.


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What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is having a dialogue with an empowered team who work for you because they love their job, not because they’re to fed up to look elsewhere.

The benefits of employee engagement are seemingly obvious, but in reality? Getting a whole workforce engaged is much more complex.

Do you have an open, respectful dialogue?

Employees are often disengaged because they don’t feel employers understand them or have their best interests in mind when making business decisions, which ultimately affects the workforce as a whole.

Technology and Empowerment

So much bad press surrounds technology, from the latest hacking scandal to accusations that technology will enslave us…but the truth is that technology is more likely to empower us that create any negative outcome.

What the right technology can do within your business is empower your people by letting them manage their own working lives in place of the micromanagement many businesses seem to rely on.

Are your employees empowered?

Empower your people with Employee Self Service (ESS), a great tool for helping them manage their own working lives.

Setting meetings, managing schedules and taking ownership of their development are all possible through ESS!

News and blogs related to employee engagement

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Create a company culture that celebrates conversation and the best tools

Empowering people with the best tools is a truly wonderful thing. But a single worker uses a tool. A team discusses what they will do with their individual tools. Conversation is what makes us human, what gets us through the bad times and helps us celebrate our victories. This shouldn’t change on Monday when we swap our trainers for shiny shoes.

This conversation means your people can feel free to raise any problems without repercussions. It means employee wellbeing and it means a great collaborative effort from a team full of great relationships.

It adds up to a better business.

To combine the tech and your experts, you need software that encourages and assists in conversation, from any location.

Our solution is our HR chatbot, an AI assistant that uses natural phrases to answer your questions in an instant.

Yes, there’s more…

We’re proud of Chatbot, but not all intelligence needs to be artificial.

Our Talent Check-ins are a way that employees (or managers) can arrange quick one to one meetings to raise any little issues before they become big problems.

This is great for personal development and boosts employee/employer relationships in the process.

Talent Check-ins



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Honesty and clear knowledge of what the benefits and expectations are for all employees is essential

Too often there is an ‘us and them’ mentality at businesses, where employees feel their managers and those in senior roles do not relate to them or don’t have their best interests at heart.

That’s not the story at great businesses. Where there is a genuine investment in people, giving great pay, benefits and personal development.

We give you a great tool to show your workers that you invest in them with our Total Reward Status (TRS). This means employees have an at a glance view of everything being spent on them, making them feel more appreciated.

The products and services that suit you

While we provide the software and services you need, and your business has guidelines for treating people the right way, sometimes more than that is required.

That’s why we customise everything to suit the challenges your business needs. We offer consultants to create the right strategy for your business and set up our software for what you need.

If you have the right setup for your business, you’ll be more engaged, as will your team.

HR & Payroll Glossary: What is an ERP system?

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HR & Payroll Glossary: What is an ERP system?


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