HR Advice and Guidance Webinar Series

Join our HR Advice and Guidance Webinar Series

During this challenging climate, your employees and their family's welfare are the main priority, but businesses still need to run with a level of normality so that your people can be paid. HR and payroll teams need to support their organisation with advice and guidance, but in these situations you might not be sure of your business obligations or the right next steps to take. 

MHR is focused on making your work-life easier, supporting organisations in maintaining business continuity and mitigating  risks that the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak brings.

 With the continuing disruption caused by COVID-19, advice is changing rapidly. MHR is focused on keeping you up to date with HR advice and legislation changes to help your business stay informed, with a series of webinars on changing government announcements and how they may effect you.


To support you, we are running a series of HR advisory webinars throughout April, so you can support your employees and your business. These will be held every Wednesday at 2pm. 

Key Details

Our next webinar is:

Date: Wednesday 22nd April


Time: 14:00pm


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Join our webinar as our HR expert discusses:

  • Policies you might want to have in place following the COVID-19 outbreak
  • What you can do if you have a reduced need for employees or working hours
  • How pay should be covered for sickness, self-isolating and caring for dependents 
  • Looking after employees mental health when working from home
  • Expert Q & A to support you


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Watch Webinar 1

Join our experts Neil Tonks, Legislation Manager, and Stuart Price, Senior Business Analyst, as they discuss the changing government legislation around Statutory Sick Pay, Furlough, holiday entitlement, the impact on minimum wage and what changes are planned to process these changes in iTrent.

Watch Webinar 2

Join experts Neil Tonks, Legislation Manager, and Stuart Price, Senior Business Analyst as they answer your common questions around Furlough, holiday entitlement carry over, and changes to Direct Earnings Attachments.

Watch Webinar 3

Join experts Neil Tonks, Legislation Manager, Stuart Price, Senior Business Analyst, and Kerry Crewe, Business Analyst, as they explain how to process furlough and holiday carry over in iTrent, using our new report.

Join us and hear our latest HR advice and guidance to support your organisation. 

Hope you can make it!

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