Engineering Team

Engineering has never looked quite like this…

We may be a software company specialising in HR and payroll solutions, but we are first and foremost a tech company, and we need great minds to keep evolving our products. You don’t need a HR qualification to help create amazing tools to improve people’s workplaces.

As part of the engineering team, create new products to keep our software ahead of the game. Develop top quality apps and security infrastructure, embed AI and improve automation to evolve existing products and help our customers to embrace the very latest technology advancements. 

At MHR we have over 150 engineers working across multiple disciplines and languages to ensure we have the most up to date architecture, produce the best quality code, can test what we create and then deliver it in products and services that benefit our customers.

What you would experience 

  • As a JAVA engineer, support software and provide technical solutions, reviewing code to ensure consistent performance across our solutions.
  • As an application developer, review the current product portfolio, identifying opportunities for enhancements and create test plans to ensure the quality of all work is consistent.
  • As a software engineer, develop high-quality software including product updates, apps and brand new features to enhance iTrent and other products under the MHR brand.
  • As a security engineer, support cloud services and IT teams by ensuring technical direction is consistent within the engineering departments to avoid flaws with the potential for hacking.


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