HR Analytics

With over 600 MHR customers already using our HR Analytics solutions on top of their HR software (iTrent), this data analytics add-on solution is ideal for HR departments that need in-depth employee insights. Our solutions are specifically tailored towards analytics management, workforce planning, operational reporting and decision-making in areas such as Churn and Absence, with the ability to efficiently display this information to those who need it.

HR Predictive Analytics

A predictive data analytics model that can understand past organisational data to help the traditional HR department move from a reactive model to a proactive model. This solution can be used across any system, but when used with HR data, can predict Churn, Absence and more without any manual effort.

  • Our predictive solution understands and describes what has happened in the past from your data in order to predict the future of your business and help you make well-informed decisions
  • Automated data analytics selects the best model based on a balance on accuracy, robustness and simplicity values in your data
  • Outputs are available for use within your SAP Business Objects suite, such as Lumira, Explorer and Web Intelligence

HR Workforce Planning

Our HR workforce planning solution assists you in helping to find the best and keep the best. It is essential whether your business is growing, or cost saving, to gain the ability to roll out forward-looking workforce planning, partnering with the lines of business and finance to get the right people in the right place to meet your business goals.

  • A workforce planning solution specifically tailored to HR which can assist you in the budgeting, modelling and planning of Training, Absence and Pay
  • Engage users from across the organization in high-participation planning and collaborate with remote and distributed users through a range of mobile devices
  • Plan and optimise your organisations talent in order to meet your business objectives

HR Dashboards and Board Reporting

Our specialised software allow you to produce ready-to-share HR Board Packs and Dashboards on anything from Predictive Retention to Workforce Planning and HR Operational Reporting.

  • Report packs are built by our BI Consultants who will then configure and customise the reports to your HR system’s data
  • Customers benefit from having a ready-made start up to be able to start deploying reporting information
  • Allows line managers and directors to view their team’s key people data direct on their desktop