Business Analytics

Our suite of Business Analytics solutions allow you to explore, visualise and predict from your data – whether this be from HR, Marketing, Finance or any other data sets – our solutions below can be implemented across any system.

Select a singular solution, or build your analytics capability by implementing a number of our offerings as a package.

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Reporting and Analysis

SAP Business Objects Edge

SAP Business Objects Edge

Powerful, affordable, the crux of data reporting – explore and present data to reveal new insights whilst allowing the wider business community to engage with all data, on any device, across any platform.

  • Provide your end users with instant access to BI content to answer ever changing, critical business questions
  • Grant self-service user access to a core set of BI tools, metrics, dashboards and data, that can be accessed anytime, anywhere
  • The EDGE edition also has the added benefit of each licence incorporating the additional Business Objects modules (Live Office, BI Mobile, BI Explorer) as standard

SAP Predictive Analytics

A predictive model that can understand past organisational data. This solution can be used across any system with any data – organisations have used Marketing data to predict the likelihood of a repeat purchase in order to tailor future communications.

  • Our predictive solution understands and describes what has happened in the past from your data in order to predict the future of your business
  • Automated Analytics select the best model based on a balance on accuracy, robustness and simplicity values in your data
  • Outputs are available for use within your Business Objects suite, such as Lumira, Explorer and Web Intelligence
SAP widget

SAP Widgets

Widgets for Business Objects allows your organisation to provide access to existing business Intelligence (BI) content from your BI platform to anyone in the company direct to their computer desktop.

  • These mini-applications benefit from user-controlled size and positioning, automatic refresh and tabbed views to allow multiple choices of Widgets to suit each users specific needs.
  • Widgets licenses offer value for money, making this a cost effective solution to push out BI content to users, direct to their desktops.
  • Perfect for directors and line managers who need insight on a frequent basis without having to get into the reporting

Data Visualisation

SAP Lumira

A data visualisation tool that easily creates dynamic and interactive infographics, maps and charts – simply import your data from Business Objects, Excel or other systems.

  • Lumira is a data discovery tool designed for everyone to use - it caters for basic visualisations through to expert analysis
  • Translate facts and insight into dynamic visualisations that easily explain business concepts and strategies
  • Create highly visual documents you can share with the other users of BI, present board packs or infographics. Include your own text and refresh at a click of a button

Change Management

SAP Workforce Performance Builder

WPB automatically produces a video and document while you work - record and document new processes without producing lengthy training documents. WPB is a key tool for new system roll-out, helping to maximise the return on investment for any system deployment - implementing a new Analytics solution for example?

  • Quickly and effectively upskill your user base and build insight and value through meaningful video and document based help
  • Advanced features help keep support and training costs down whilst driving regulatory compliance
  • Create and deploy user documentation, context-sensitive help, test scripts, just-in-time micro-learning and e-learning programmes

IBM Business Intelligence

Cognos TM1

Transform your entire planning cycle using this enterprise software platform – analyse data and create models to reflect a constantly evolving business environment. Monitor performance and align resources with corporate objectives.

  • Develop and deploy even the most complex planning and analysis models using a guided modelling environment
  • Engage users from across the organization in high-participation planning and collaborate with remote and distributed users through a range of mobile devices
  • Cognos TM1 is an alternative solution to Business Objects - speak to our team who can recommend which solution would best suit your organisation’s specific needs