Why A Bot Is Your Next Best Friend

Bots are your fastest route to a personal assistant that can enhance your HR function.

Since 2013/4, there has been a contained kind of panic around bots - pieces of tech [or applications] that are programmed to perform automated tasks and, when more advanced, can learn a degree of artificial intelligence [AI] based on previous rules and activities.

A 2014 article in the Huffington Post claimed that 47% of all jobs will be automated by 2034. The flag raised in this article was around many governments’ lack of preparation for the social and cultural implications this mass unemployment would have.

One of the most recent articles on the subject, published by The Guardian, suggests that "almost 250,000 public sector workers could lose their jobs to robots over the next 15 years". This is based on a recent report from Reform, a right-of-centre think-tank.

With these articles in mind, it is unsurprising that bots are being treated with caution [cue tongue in cheek video from The Guardian on 'The Intelligence Explosion'

But is is important to remember that not all bots are a threat! In fact, many are an augmentation...a superpower...your fastest route to a personal assistant.

In the world of HR and HR systems, this ability to augment manifests itself in areas such as the processing of expenses, holiday administration, absence logging...all transactional tasks that take away our most valuable asset - time - and can easily be dealt with by a bot.

Technology change is inevitable and so is the emergence of bots. In fact, they are in use in many areas already. If we can adapt, we can be ready for the evolution of the human/bot partnership and can use bots to remove the grunt work from our task lists, freeing up the time to focus on more cognitive tasks - where we bring more value.

I don't want to paint a utopian picture of bots and humans working hand in hand, sauntering happily off in to the sunset at the end of every working day because technology will have an impact on the workforce. But when the bot technology currently on offer can do your heavy lifting and give you back some time, why not put it to work?