Save Santa! It’s time he got himself a HR team

Save Santa! It’s time he got himself a HR team

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We recently discussed how Santa struggles with his Christmas workload, which may have been a satirical message, but it had an important message within it. Read below for our top three tips to avoid a burnt out workforce this Christmas.

Around the Christmas period, you might have noticed some of your staff go A.W.O.L. Some of them are in work but might as well not be as their main role is spreading germs and the ones who are still in good health? Either stressed-out or totally despondent.

Investing in the people around you means a merrier Christmas for everyone as avoiding burn-out or frustration means less missed days and more is achieved on the days everyone is in the office.

Here are some tips on how you can help your workforce this Christmas, and ensure Santa keeps you on his ‘nice list’:

Make sure everyone gets sufficient support with their workload: It doesn’t matter how good your team is, if things aren’t organised efficiently, they’ll be overworked and face burn-out. Our recent survey with census-wide showed 70% of managers in the retail and hospitality industry struggle with unexpected absences in the seasonal period; don’t be one of them - create a weekly plan that suits everyone and stick to it.

Make sure your team has the right tools for the job: If your people don’t have the tools to organise themselves, arrange meetings and plan ahead, problems are likely to arise. Many businesses have challenging deadlines to meet by year-end, so if you want to avoid problems you need to find the best systems to create your planning strategy.

Arrange regular meetings to check in with your people: Arrange regular informal meetings to support employees as they come up against unpredictable challenges. This means your staff stay engaged and problems are identified before they spin out of control.


Happy Christmas Everyone!


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