It is time for HR to fight the faff

With Chatbots, processing expenses, holidays, absences and other administrative burdens are a breeze! Fight the faff in HR and free up your day for what's most important with the latest AI technology

It is time for HR to fight the faff

Faff. It's the nemesis of a productive working environment.

Faff refers to those often monotonous, repetitive administrative activities that suck up our time at work and often bleed into our home lives too.

Faff is costly and unattractive, but it's an unfortunate fact of life, right?

Not always! And certainly not when it comes to areas of HR such as expenses, holiday administration and straightforward employee queries.

It’s time for HR to fight the faff with the help of chatbots

Chatbots are fantastic little virtual helpers that can process expenses, holiday administration, log absences and respond to administrative queries raised by your workforce - straight away, and in real time. In short, many of the transactional tasks that take away our most valuable asset, time, can be easily dealt with by a bot, freeing up our schedules to focus on more crucial cognitive tasks and business strategies.

So what can HR expect a chatbot to do*?

  • Deal with repetitive administration questions – employees can have the most common queries answered instantly by text
  • Book holidays  - employees can book holidays via a simple request message, and managers can approve them just as easily. 
  • Register expenses information in real time – your bot can talk directly to the HR system and update overtime and mileage records straight away. 
  • Scan and log receipts for expenses processing within the HR system – employees can send a photo message to the bot, submit for approval, and they’re done.
  • Provide a privacy policy - employees can receive your privacy policy to comply with GDPR and provide consent. 
  • Clock-in - employees can clock-in and out via the app to provide greater flexibility and speeding up the admin when working off-site. 
  • Carry out small talk - the Chatbot can engage employees with simple questions like 'How are you?' to engage employees with a 'people' touch.
  • Gain insights - organisations can start to understand their employee users better.

*Information correct for MHR iTrent customers using MHR’s ChatBot.

With the chatbot taking care of your transactional tasks and freeing up your time, provide extra value and officially fight the faff to ensure HR teams can concentrate on being strategic business partners for your organisation.

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